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Monte Cristo Productions


Monte Cristo Productions has been around for 34 years in printing, advertising and design. We also work with over 70 restaurants in the capital region and surrounding villages. We print in the range of 2 to 3 million placemats a year! We serve a variety of companies; Car dealerships, Hotels, Restaurants, Government, Embassies, Real Estate Agents, Small and Big Companies and many more.

Since 1983

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Advertise on placemats, menu’s, wine list’s, take out’s, breakfast menu’s, real estate agent document folders, snowmobile map’s, road map’s and more. 


All kinds of printing sizes. Either on paper, cardboard, glossy paper and more.


We can design all your printing jobs or you can provide your own designs. We design all sorts of jobs like: business cards, logos, flyers, menu’s, wine list’s and many more.

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Owner: Claude Lecomte
Phone number: 613-239-3838

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